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Evaluation of the logical-mathematical and naturalistic intelligences within the MI framework. A case study. (Evaluación de las inteligencias lógico-matemática y naturalista en la teoría de las inteligencias múltiples. Estudio de casos.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 8, 273-286 (2007).
Summary: This paper offers some of the data obtained from a work with 25 children of primary schools (5 years old). The aim of this research is to compare the cognitive competence of the students in mathematical and naturalistic intelligences according to Howard Gadner’s theory. As a synthesis of the research it can be said that there is not a close relationship between these two intelligences, according to the results of the tests proposed by Gadner. Although it has been shown that a person can manifest both intelligences, this fact does not always happen.
Classification: C40
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