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Zusammenhang zwischen affektiver Stabilitaet und effektivem Lehren und Lernen im Mathematikunterricht der Sekundarschule. (Verband tussen affektiewe stabiliteit en effektiewe wiskunde-onderrig en leer in die sekondere skool.) (Afrikaans)
S. Afr. J. Educ. 12, No. 4, 423-427 (1992).
During the teaching of mathematics in the senior-secondary phase, some pupils continue to experience problems with the subject in spite of further and additional aid being given by teachers. The factors that cause retardation in learning are affective in origin, cognitive and normative by nature and are reflected in the behaviour of the pupils. Because of this problem, a special attempt was made in this study to investigate the relationship between affective stability and effective teaching and learning of mathematics, to obtain a better understanding of the teaching action of the teacher as well as the learning activity of pupils in a class situation. (orig.)
Classification: C23
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