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Psychosoziologische Prozesse, operatives Niveau und Wissenserwerb. (Psychosociological processes, operatory level and the acquisition of knowledge.) (English)
,. 51 p. (1984).
The following text can be considered as a preliminary version of a research in progress. The aim here is to demonstrate that the child’s cognitive development takes place within situations where one or more individuals are in interaction. It follows that the cognitive competences of a subject can be neither described nor evaluated without considering the social context which elicits their actualization. The learner is not a passive receiver of knowledge and social norms, rather he is actively implicated in the development of his instruments of understanding and engaged in the activity of the appropriation of knowledge within a dynamic which could be described in terms of construction and interaction. In order to support these hypotheses, the authors examine the contribution of recent researches permitting an articulation between different levels of psycho-sociological analysis with particular attention to the specific problem of diagnosing an operatory level in Piagetian stage theory. Then they consider the application and interest of these results to the understanding of educative situations, especially didactic situations in mathematics. (orig.)
Classification: C30
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