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Mathematics and music. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 233, 24-26 (2013).
Summary: The author links composers, their music, the Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Ratio. Other students develop strategies to interpret the notation so that they are able to produce accurate solutions. Why is this? Maybe the key to unlock this recurring problem with notation is to try to unpick the ‘thinking’ that underpins interpretation. This attempt to investigate the ‘thinking’ process considers forcing symbols, and their implications. The concluding recommendations might just offer some useful classroom solutions and strategies. Mathematics and music both engage directly with our emotions, but the engagement is unique to individuals in as much as we do not all respond to music, or mathematics, in the same way. The emotions can be powerful in both positive and negative senses, but through these non-verbal forms of communication the links extend beyond human intellect. It seems that musical form can be underpinned by mathematics. If students were introduced to how mathematics might be used to explain how musical composition ‘works’, would this prove to be a motivating factor to influence learning in mathematics?
Classification: M80 I30 F60 G40
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