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A very useful Pythagorean tree. (English)
Silva, Jorge Nuno (ed.), Proceedings of the recreational mathematics colloquium II, University of Évora, Portugal, April 27‒30, 2011. Lisboa: Associação Ludus (ISBN 978-989-97346-2-3/pbk). 3-15 (2012).
Summary: In this work, we resume some results about a particular Pythagorean tree, described in some recent works [{\it F. Bernhart} and {\it H. Lee Price}, “Heron’s formula, Descartes circles, and Pythagorean triangles”, \url{arXiv.:math.MG/0701624} (2007); {\it H. Lee Price}, “ The Pythagorean tree: a new species”, \url{} (2008)]. We illustrate how H. Lee Price used his work as a tool to perform quick mental calculations. This Pythagorean tree, based in Fibonacci boxes, is also strongly related to the most famous mathematical artifacts: the Plimpton 322 and the Rhind Papyrus.
Classification: G60 F30 A30
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