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Learning ways with computers games. A survey with primary education students. (Formas de aprendizaje con juegos educativos para ordenadores. Estudio con alumnos de educación primaria.) (Spanish. English summary)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 7, 159-181 (2005).
Summary: We analyse the different learning forms: individual, cooperative and collaborative that have been observed in fourteen 8 to 10 year-old students (8 boys and 6 girls) of a state primary school in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) when working with educational games of mathematics for computers. Certain aspects of the theory of Piaget and Vygotsky regarding the psychological development of children in connection with games and the principles of collaborative learning, especially computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), are taken as a starting point.
Classification: U72 R82 C32
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