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Analysis of an investigation on multiplication and division using the implicative method by Régis Gras. (Analisi di una ricerca sulla moltiplicazione e divisione per mezzo del metodo implicativo di Régis Gras.) (Italian)
Mat. Didatt., No. 3, 292-303 (2000).
In this research primary pupils’ conceptions on multiplication and division are investigated and classified. As regards this main purpose, the authors used B. D’Amore’s procedure for the data collection. Moreover, the implicative statistical analysis method as developed by R. Gras, was applied for the data analysis. Obtained results, taking into consideration pupils’ age, provide evidence that considered pupils’ conceptions on multiplication and division follow a developmental model. Furthermore, our data support the classification of considered pupils into two main groups: in the first group we can classify those who hold “procedural” conceptions, named “algorithmic pupils”; then, in the latter one, we can classify the pupils who understand both the process and the concept of multiplication and division, and who reach the “conceptual” level. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: F42
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