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Theme Group 5: The practice of teaching and research in didactics. Themengruppe 5: Die Unterrichtspraxis und Forschungen in der Didaktik. (English)
6. international congress on mathematical education. Proceedings. 6. internationaler Kongress ueber Mathematikdidaktik. Proceedings. Editor(s): Hirst, A.; Hirst, K. (Southampton Univ. (UK). Dept. of Mathematics) Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society, Budapest (Hungary); International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, Cambridge (UK) 1988. p. 263-276 of 397 p. Copy held by FIZ Karlsruhe. Conference: 6. international congress on mathematical education, Budapest (Hungary), 27 Jul - 3 Aug 1988 ISBN: 963-8022-48-5
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