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Navigation, cognitive style, and seven-year-old children’s use of CD-ROM-based hypermedia resources. (English)
Inf. Technol. Child. Educ. Annu. 2002, 21-44 (2002).
Sixteen 7-year-old children from an urban primary school were assessed for cognitive processing style by means of the cognitive assessment system (CAS), which indicated their positions on each of the two dimensions of Attention and Planning. Then they searched for information on a CD-ROM of text and nontext-based hypermedia. Instruction and directions were given to the children and they were encouraged to search all the resources available on the hypermedia. Observation, and video recordings of the learning activities revealed that they had little difficulty in navigating the Frogs of Australia CD-ROM encyclopedia as an information resource. All the children searched for relevant information and analysed this information. Preliminary findings suggested that those children high on Attention as a subscale are more focussed during hypermedia based learning. (orig.)
Classification: C32 U72
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