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Teaching basic mathematics at West La Community College. (English)
Far East J. Math. Educ. 3, No. 1, 25-34 (2009).
Summary: In this manuscript, an approach to teaching basic courses in mathematics and arithmetic to first year students in West La Community College is presented. The primary distinguish characteristics of our teaching methods include: providing a laboratory interactive process to teach the student the subject by means of an interact tutorial software, focusing on practical sample problems as many as possible as an approach to understanding basic mathematics; and using home work assignments as many as possible as a way to develop intuition and understanding about the mechanisms of basic mathematics and arithmetic. The interactive process is provided by having the student carry out a series of laboratory exercises involving a direct interact tutorial software lectures on basic mathematics. The greatest challenges in teaching an intellectually substantive course to entering students at a community college are their lack, on average, of the basic mathematics and arithmetic background in their high school curriculum that is taken for granted at the collegiate level. In this paper, we demonstrate that by appropriate choice of material and presentation methods this challenge can be overcome.
Classification: U50 D40
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