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Knowledge and competence in the transition stage between primary school and lower secondary school: an investigation. (Indagine sulla conoscenza e le competenze al passaggio dalla scuola elementare alla media. Proposte ed interventi.) (Italian)
Basso, M. et al., Numeri e proprietà. ,. 87-92 (1994).
Understanding the concept of number, using, operating, comparing decimal numbers, fractions and relative numbers are among the objectives to be reached at the end of Italian Primary School. But the opinions about the relative importance of each ability and the perceptions of the actual achievement of all these objectives in our schools vary considerably from one teacher to another, in particular from those operating in the Elementary School and those in Secondary one. This paper reports an analysis of this problem. The steps of this investigation are: a questionary devised for teachers, the collection and the elaboration of their answers, a test proposed to 10-years-old students and the comparison of the valuations of the works of the pupils made by a group of teachers of the two levels. A proposal will follow in order to weaken the gap between teaching and evaluating methods in Elementary and Secondary School, and to facilitate the understanding of arithmetic. (Orig.)
Classification: F12
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