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Mathematics. A practical odyssey. 8th edition. (English)
Boston, MA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning (ISBN 978-1-305-10417-4/hbk). 1024~p. (2016).
Publisher’s description: The book demonstrates mathematics’ usefulness and relevance to students’ daily lives through topics such as calculating interest and understanding voting systems. Well known for its clear writing and unique variety of topics, the text emphasizes problem-solving skills, practical applications, and the history of mathematics, and unveils the relevance of mathematics and its creative human aspect to students. To offer flexibility in content, the book contains more information than might be covered in a one-term course. In addition, the chapters are independent of each other, further enabling instructors to select the ideal topics for their courses. Features: { indent=5mm \item{‒} Meaningful: The variety of applications-oriented examples and exercises connect the material to the real world. The “Topic X\dots in the real world” features incorporate specific chapter material into a real-world context, reinforcing the book’s practical emphasis.. \item{‒} Accessible: This book has a reader-friendly style: the examples are well constructed, with easy-to-follow steps; key points are boxed for emphasis; and the discussions provided in the exposition demonstrate the utility of the content. \item{‒} Flexible: The text offers an assortment of content to choose from. The chapters are independent of each other so instructors can select the ideal topics for their courses. \item{‒} Biographical: The history of the subject matter is interwoven throughout most chapters, allowing students to see the human side of mathematics. In addition, “Historical notes" give in-depth biographies of prominent people whose contributions relate to the topics at hand. \item{‒} For added enrichment: Projects and hands on activities actively engage students, providing opportunities to try something first-hand or perform open-ended research. \item{‒} Aesthetic: The textbook is beautifully illustrated. Art, photos, and fine art have been carefully selected. Color is also carefully used to enhance the pedagogy in figures and examples, helping to convey the mathematics and elevating students’ understanding of the material. }
Classification: A80 A30 M10 K10 I10 G10 N60
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