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Didactical relation-games influenced by work projects. (O jogo das relações didáticas sobre a influência dos projetos de trabalho.) (Portuguese. English summary)
zetetike 11, No. 20, 85-110 (2003).
Summary: The present article has the intent of reflecting on the ‘relation-games’ established between teachers and students in the classroom concerning the acquisition of knowledge, based on the “didactic contract” concept proposed by Guy Brousseau. The text also highlights the dynamism of the didactic relation of two possible situations in the teaching of mathematics. The first situation reveals the conventional contract presently incorporated in school tradition: the ‘assemble and effectuate’ strategy, the second situation, on the contrary, leads to a rupture of this conventional contract making use of projects. In its final considerations, the paper makes way for the discussion and reflection on the theme.
Classification: C60 C70 D20
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