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Women in computing - an Irish perspective. (German)
Komoss, Regine et al., Brauchen Frauen eine andere Mathematik? Dokumentation des Symposiums. Lang, Frankfurt am Main (ISBN 3-631-50687-2). 95-103 (2003).
This paper gives an overview of female participation both in the computing industry and at undergraduate level in Ireland. While the figures for Ireland are higher than in many other countries, the under-representation of women in computing gives cause for concern. The negative perception of computing as a subject by girls nearing the end of secondary school suggests that this trend may continue. The lack of female computing role models in industry and in academic staff at third level, especially in senior positions, does not help and may contribute to the problem. The paper concludes by outlining initiatives in Ireland which are beginning to address this situation. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: Q45 A40
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