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Beautiful, simple, exact, crazy: mathematics in the real world. (English)
New Haven, CT: Yale University Press (ISBN 978-0-300-19089-2/pbk). xv, 459~p. (2015).
“Beautiful, simple, exact, crazy: mathematics in the real world" is a textbook of college level mathematics for students of arts, languages, and economics who tend to have little interest in mathematics. It offers encounters with mathematics in “real life", such as the golden mean in arts, modular arithmetic in time and calendar computations, and logarithmic scales (e.g. noise levels, earthquake magnitudes, and different scales in music). It does not follow the usual rigid and formal style of mathematics textbooks for students of mathematics. Instead, the development proceeds from solutions of concrete practical problems to general and theoretical results. Thus, it shows the reader the power and beauty of mathematics, and the pleasure and joy of solving mathematical problems. The book covers the following fields of mathematics: Differential calculus, rational and irrational numbers, exponential calculus and logarithms, finite and infinite series, modular arithmetic, combinatorics, probability and conditional probability, statistics, and regression analysis. The book is written in a clear and understandable style. To every chapter, it contains many exercises of different degree of difficulty.
Reviewer: Ralf Socher (Brandenburg an der Havel)
Classification: A80
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