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Medicine calculations for nurses at Ullevål University Hospital. (English)
Maasz, Juergen (ed.) et al., Learning mathematics to live and work in our world. Proceedings of the 10th international conference on adults learning mathematics, ALM 10, Strobl, Austria, June 29 ‒ July 2, 2003. Linz: Universitätsverlag Rudolf Trauner (ISBN 3-85487-558-4). 140-145 (2003).
Vox has, in collaboration with Ulleval University Hospital, participated in a project of which the purpose is to improve nurses’ skills in handling the whole aspect of medication (medicine calculation, the knowledge of the effects and the side effects of medicines, and the laws concerning the responsibilities during the whole process of medication on the ward). Our responsibility in this project is to improve nurses’ skills in calculating the correct dosages of medicines. The participants have to take an introductory test at the start of the project. Then comes a period where they have the opportunity to improve their skills in the three different main topics mentioned above. Vox has prepared a booklet which the participating nurses can use during this period. Finally, they have to take a test and we at Vox have made tasks for the tests concerning calculating correct dosages of medicines. Nurses who pass the final test will get a quality and verification certificate in medication.
Classification: F98
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