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Introducing computers to Kindergarten children based on Vygotsky’s theory about socio-cultural learning: the Greek perspective. (English)
Inf. Technol. Child. Educ. Annu. 2001, 193-202 (2001).
This study examined the level of knowledge that Greek preschool children had about computers. How Vygotsky’s theory about socio-cultural learning, as a teaching process, could be effectively applied when new knowledge was presented to a classroom environment was investigated. Participants were Greek preschool children and teachers. Data collection included classroom observations, informal interviews, questionnaire administration, and field notes. Results revealed that following this approach, that teachers used to initiate children with computer technology was a thriving and effective one. The particular study gave the authors the opportunity to more closely search the ways in which children view new technologies, and the ways that teachers used it to develop their approach in introducing such new concepts.
Classification: R11
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