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The examples of ICT usage to forming the mathematical language’s precision. (English)
Acta Math. Nitriensia 1, No. 1, 119-127 (2015).
Summary: The forming of the mathematical language’s precision is important one of the aspects of teaching the mathematic. It appears that this specific activity uses the advantages of modern technology to some extent. One can hardly ever find any references to this particular issue in the literature. We made an attempt to present an idea to use the elements of ICT in process of forming the mathematical language’s precision for the deeper understanding of the geometrical notions. To do so we will use the program GeoGebra and the program WinGCLC (an implementation of the GLC language). The wrong usage of the verbs specifying the geometrical constructions may lead to fallacy of the mathematical notions. The properly prepared ICT tool may be helpful to the teacher in taking care of the mathematical language’s precision.
Classification: C50 U70 U50 G10
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