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Multivariate statistics. Exercises and solutions. 2nd ed. (English)
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-36004-6/pbk; 978-3-642-36005-3/ebook). xxiv, 362~p. (2015).
From the publisher’s description: “The authors present tools and concepts of multivariate data analysis by means of exercises and their solutions. The first part (“Descriptive Techniques”) is devoted to graphical techniques. The second part (“Multivariate Random Variables”) deals with multivariate random variables and presents the derivation of estimators and tests for various practical situations. The last part (“Multivariate Techniques”) introduces a wide variety of exercises in applied multivariate data analysis. The book demonstrates the application of simple calculus and basic multivariate methods in real life situations. It contains altogether more than 250 solved exercises which can assist a university teacher in setting up a modern multivariate analysis course. All computer-based exercises are available in the R language. All data sets are included in the library SMS-data that may be downloaded via the quantlet download center \url{http://www.quantlet.org}. Data sets are available also via the Springer webpage. For interactive display of low-dimensional projections of a multivariate data set, we recommend GGobi.” The book contains multicolored diagrams, graphics and more than 90 references. The first edition of this book was published by the authors [Multivariate statistics. Exercises and solutions. New York, NY: Springer (2007; Zbl 1183.62090)].
Reviewer: Ludwig Paditz (Dresden)
Classification: K15 K45 K75 K85
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