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The influence of a multidisciplinary scientific research experience on teachers views of nature of science. (English)
Mont. Math. Enthus. 7, No. 2-3, 447-460 (2010).
Summary: This study examined a professional development project for $K-12$ science teachers that engaged participants in an authentic scientific investigation along with explicit-reflective attention to nature of science (NOS). The Views of Nature of Science (VNOS) and Views of Scientific Inquiry (VOSI) Questionnaires (Lederman, Abd-El-Khalick, Bell, \& Schwartz, 2002; Schwartz, Lederman, \& Thompson, 2001) were used to examine the relationship between teachers’ views of NOS and specific aspects of the professional development project. Results of the study show that teachers’ views of NOS were influenced by the multidisciplinary, primarily non-experimental research that they engaged in, the opportunity to observe interactions of scientists from different disciplines, and explicit classroom activities and discussions regarding NOS.
Classification: B50 M59
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