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Construction of concepts: directional and normal vector of a straight line in analytic geometry. (Konštrukcia pojmov smerový a normálový vektor priamky v analytickej geometrii.) (Slovak. English summary)
Stud. Sci. Fac. Paedagog. 15, No. 4, 70-76 (2016).
Summary: In teaching mathematics, and not only mathematics, it is very important for teachers to be able to distinguish errors from misconceptions. An error should be notified, however, a misconception needs to be corrected. Many misconceptions arise when teachers explains new subject matter. If a teacher knows about the possibility of such a misconception, he can prevent the arise of misconception by a suitable change of subject matter explanaton. In teaching analytical geometry, the teacher faces the task to build, in the minds of students, the correct concept of analytic geometry. Creating the appropriate concept of concepts “directional" and “normal" line vector can be considered as very important.
Classification: G70
Keywords: concept; vector; line; creating
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