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Implications of social practice theory for the development of a numeracy programme for the Gusilay people group in Senegal. (English)
Adults Learn. Math. 9, No. 2, 85-96, electronic only (2014).
Summary: In this article, I present research on some traditional numeracy practices of the Gusilay people group in Senegal and make recommendations for developing a numeracy programme for women. Based on a strong foundation of traditional knowledge and practices, the programme will aim to meet felt needs of women who are faced with new numeracy related challenges due to changes in society. My research is placed in the framework of social practice theory, which emphasizes the fact that numeracy is not a set of skills that are learned and used in isolation, but rather practices that happen in context and vary with it. After a brief outline of social practice theory and the methodology I have chosen for my research, I analyze my findings from that perspective and suggest some practical implications for developing a numeracy programme for Gusilay women.
Classification: C68 D18
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