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Attitudes towards mathematics of teachers in service of telesecundaria: an exploratory study. (English)
Ubuz, Behiye (ed.) et al., CERME 8. Proceedings of the eigth congress of the European Society of Research in Mathematics Education, Antalya, Turkey, February 6‒10, 2013. Ankara: Middle East Technical University (ISBN 978-975-429-315-9). 1349-1358 (2013).
Summary: The results of a research carried out with in-service teachers of federal “telesecundarias" in the area of the city of Xalapa Veracruz, Mexico, will be shown in this article. The research explored the teacher’s attitudes towards mathematics as a first approach on the research of affective factors in the teaching-learning process within this educative subsystem. The overall results showed no negative attitudes coming from the teachers but rather neutral with positive charge and slightly positive. However, in the subscales analysis the presence of a negative disposition in items related to anxiety and a low self confidence in some teacher’s mathematical skills can be seen.
Classification: C29 U50
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