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Perceptions of mathematics and gender. (English)
Sch. Sci. Math. 108, No. 4, 149-162 (2008).
Summary: This study examined students’ perceptions about gender and the subject of mathematics, as well as gender and mathematics learning. Secondary school students and pre-service elementary teachers were surveyed using the Mathematics as a Gendered Domain and Who and Mathematics instruments developed by Leder and Forgasz (Leder, 2001). The data indicate that, similar to findings from the 1970s, students believe that mathematics is gender neutral, although females hold this belief more strongly than males. Female secondary school students hold beliefs in gender neutrality more strongly than female pre-service teachers. Data for secondary school students indicate that both males and females see differences in the way boys and girls act and are treated in mathematics classes (e.g., boys cause more distractions while girls care more about doing well). The data also show that secondary school males who believe they are good mathematics students tend to have more gender-neutral perceptions than those who believe they are average or below average. No such pattern appears for secondary school females. (ERIC)
Classification: C63 B50
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