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Multimedia design as a tool to shift elementary school teacher trainees’ view of teaching and learning mathematics and to promote their ICT skills. (English)
Eronen, Lasse (ed.) et al., Mathematics and education. Learning, technology, assessment. Festschrift in honour of Lenni Haapasalo. Münster: WTM-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-95987-005-4/pbk). Festschriften der Mathematikdidaktik 3, 35-47 (2016).
Summary: The article summarizes the outcomes of a sub-study of our long-term studies that focused on elementary school teacher trainees’ professional development during the Didactics of Mathematics course. Its results suggest that a multimedia design linked to an appropriate pedagogical theory yields a significant increase of their orientation towards the following variables: the constructivist paradigm of learning, dynamic and advanced ICT skills, programming and teaching of programming. This development was accompanied by a significant decrease of the acceptance of behaviourism in their views of teaching.
Classification: U75 D49 D39
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