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Students’ language repertoires for prediction. (English)
Math. Enthus. 12, No. 1-3, 246-261 (2015).
Summary: Communication about prediction is complex in a number of ways. First, language is by nature recursive ‒ language is an indicator of meaning as well as a force that shapes meaning. Second, the same language used to communicate prediction in uncertain environments is used for other purposes. In this article, we describe how the recursive nature of language impacted the choices we made in a cross-sectional longitudinal study aimed at gaining insight into children’s language repertoires relating to conjecture. We then explore some Grade 6 students’ communication about prediction to develop insight into their meaning and meaning-making with prediction language. From this we raise questions about interpreting data from such contexts. Finally, we discuss implications for educators.
Classification: K53 C53 E43 C33 K93
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