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A multi-method approach for describing the contributions of student engagement on fifth grade students’ social competence and achievement in mathematics. (English)
Learn. Individ. Differ. 48, 54-60 (2016).
Summary: Multiple perspectives of measuring engagement (i.e., student-, teacher-, and observer-report) were used to describe the contributions of engagement during mathematics instruction on fifth graders’ ($N=387$) social skills and achievement. Students completed questionnaires on their mathematics engagement. Teachers completed questionnaires on students’ engagement and social skills. Researchers observed student engagement during math lessons. Students’ scores on a standardized test were used to assess mathematics achievement. All three approaches to measuring engagement were significantly associated with students’ social skills in math class. Teacher-reported student engagement and observer-reported student engagement were significantly associated with students’ mathematics achievement, but student-reported engagement was not significantly associated with achievement. Moderation analyses revealed that associations between math engagement and outcomes were no different for boys than girls. Findings are useful when considering ways to identify engagement and promote social interactions and achievement during mathematics instruction.
Classification: C33 C23 C43 C63
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