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Learning through “the best paper plane”. (English)
Lee, Ngan Hoe (ed.) et al., Mathematical modelling. From theory to practice. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-4546-91-1/hbk; 978-981-4546-93-5/ebook). Series on Mathematics Education 8, 193-203 (2015).
Summary: Local teachers receive little exposure to mathematical modelling (MM) and show apprehension towards this form of teaching. The aim of this chapter is to provide teachers with an illustration of what can transpire in a modelling activity, giving them a head start to MM. If teachers are well-informed about students’ possible approaches to certain modelling activities, they can gain enough confidence to start conducting similar activities on their own. The task we focus here is the construction of a paper plane. Paper planes are instrumental in the process to moving on to progressively larger models of flight (for example, kites and aircrafts). What should the best paper plane be like? We report on the potentials and challenges during the modelling processes of students (aged 13‒14 years old) undertaking the task.
Classification: M53 D83 U73
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