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The potentialities of (ethno) mathematics education: an interview with Ubiratan D’ambrosio. (English)
Atweh, Bill (ed.) et al., Internationalisation and globalisation in mathematics and science education. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-8790-5/pbk). 199-208 (2008).
Summary: This chapter aims at deepening and founding questions on ethnomathematics in terms of its sociohistorical construction and its influence on the extent of the relation between mathematics education and school knowledge, mathematics education and history of mathematics, education processes and teacher education, pedagogical practice and different sociocultural contexts. The dynamic of the organization of the text, a transforming experience by itself, is a conversation between the authors, beginning with something close to an interview with Professor D’Ambrosio, eveloping into a teamwork, effectively in the form of a dialogue, even though the authors differ in their history and the knowledge they have amassed in the field of ethnomathematics.
Classification: A40
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