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The problem-dolving cycle: A model to support the development of teachers’ professional knowledge. (English)
Math. Think. Learn. 9, No. 3, 271-300 (2007).
Summary: The article focuses on the Problem-Solving Cycle (PSC), a model of professional development designed to assist teachers in supporting their students’ mathematical reasoning. Each PSC is a series of three interrelated workshops in which teachers share a common mathematical and pedagogical experience, organized around a rich mathematical task. Throughout the workshops, teachers delve deeply into issues involving mathematical content, pedagogy, and student thinking as they pertain to the selected task. We analyze this professional development model in relation to the ways it supports the development of content and pedagogical content knowledge. We highlight the ways in which specific knowledge strands are foregrounded during each of the three PSC workshops, while also demonstrating their interconnectedness.
Classification: B50 C49 D59
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