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The amazing mathematical race. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 105, No. 2, 134-139 (2011).
Summary: Teams, pit stops, clues, time limits, fast forwards, challenges, and prizes are all components of the CBS hit show “The Amazing Race.” They were also elements of the Amazing Mathematical Race sponsored by the Math and Stats Club at Northern Kentucky University in April 2009. Held in recognition of Math Awareness Month, which is advocated by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, the race was the culminating event of the month for the university’s Math and Stats Club (of which the authors are co-sponsors). Teams of two people each competed in a series of ten mathematics-related challenges set up throughout the university campus. The goals of this event were twofold: to hold an activity that featured mathematics in a fun and exciting environment and to highlight this fun environment for people who are typically wary of mathematics. Through this discussion of various components of the race and how they met these goals, the authors hope to spark teachers’ interest in planning and implementing their own Amazing Mathematical Race. (Contains 4 figures and 3 online resources.) (ERIC)
Classification: U44 U54 B64 B65
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