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Cubism and the fourth dimension. (English)
Mont. Math. Enthus. 6, No. 3, 527-540 (2009).
Summary: When one looks into the subject of geometries that attempt to explain fourth-dimensional space, it is inevitable that one encounters references to Cubism. The purpose of this paper is to find what the similarities between this mathematical concept and cubism are. There are many historical arguments as to how the cubists encountered literature about the fourth-dimension, and whether they were exposed to it at all, which I will for the most part omit and instead let the art speak for itself. It is important to see how two fields are interrelated in order to gain a better understanding of both fields, in this case art and geometry. In addition, visualizing things that the human eye cannot immediately perceive, that must be left up to the mind is important to people who want to gain a better understanding of their reality.
Classification: M80 G40
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