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A critical analysis of teaching and learning negative numbers. (English)
Philos. Math. Educ. J. 29, 13 p., electronic only (2015).
From the text: I will start by briefly looking into the knowledge that students gain about negative numbers outside of school. Then, I will analyse the concept of integers and identify the success criteria students must meet to truly comprehend all four arithmetic operations. I will subsequently move on to an analysis of the current methods and models used to teach negative numbers. This will lead me to a final section on proposed improvements to teaching negative number at the policy level. I will include both proposed improvements to current classroom methods and my own classroom practice throughout this paper. The map of concepts I will discuss in this paper is available as illustration. Not all the identified factors will be discussed in great detail in this paper ‒ however, their presence on the scene must be acknowledged for the sake of consistency and creating a full picture of the cognitive challenges students encounter when dealing with negative numbers.
Classification: D20 F40 M10 E40
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