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Mathematics in cartoons: a brief journey. (English)
Silva, Jorge Nuno (ed.), Proceedings of the recreational mathematics colloquium II, University of Évora, Portugal, April 27‒30, 2011. Lisboa: Associação Ludus (ISBN 978-989-97346-2-3/pbk). 87-94 (2012).
Summary: In rough terms, a cartoon can be described as consisting of words and a drawing. Words are sharp, ironical or tragic, but they can be dispensed with if the drawing is self-sufficient. The quality of the drawing is important, though not essential. Almost every newspaper publishes cartoons, very often as a form of immediate political commentary, but they appear in several other contexts, namely in the scientific one. In this article we propose an analysis of some of the works by cartoonists who used non-trivial mathematics.
Classification: A90
Keywords: cartoons
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