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Remedial mathematics. 2nd edition. (English)
New Delhi: PHI Learning (ISBN 978-81-203-5099-1/pbk). 376~p. (2015).
Publisher’s description: Primarily intended to serve as a textbook for undergraduate students of pharmacy, this new edition deals with the basic concepts of mathematics. The primary objective of this text is to solidify the mathematical skills of even those students who do not have any mathematical background. The text discusses progressions, binomial theorem, trigonometric functions, matrices and determinants, Cramer’s rule, differentiations, integrations, differential equations and their applications in an easy-to-understand style that creates interest in the subject. The text is supported by a number of solved and unsolved examples to enhance the problem-solving skills of the students. Besides, various universities’ examination questions and quiz are also provided with answers.
Classification: M65 I15 H15
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