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Studying definite integrals in economics. (Estudio de la integral definida en la carrera licenciatura en economía.) (Spanish. English summary)
Rev. Cienc. Mat. 20, No. 2, 183-187 (2002).
Summary: Actual students of economy need diverse important mathematical tools. They are necessary for the calculation of functions of one and several variables, as well as basic knowledge of optimization theory. For this reason, in the first year the subjects Mathematics I and II are studied. The aim of methodological and scientific work around the connection of these subjects with the career is to contribute to the students to acquire the mathematical abilities, which they need to be able to carry out their work as economists or financial analysts in the contemporary world. In this paper, our results, reached on the “defined integral" subject, are exposed. As the title indicates it is a project of study on mathematical contents, in such a way organized, that the knowledge is acquired progressively, and at the same time, some very elementary economic techniques.
Classification: I55 M45
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