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Crossing the barriers between preservice and inservice mathematics teacher education: an evaluation of the Grant School professional development program. (English)
Sch. Sci. Math. 109, No. 4, 223-237 (2009).
Summary: A 2-year school-based mathematics professional development program is described and evaluated after its first year of implementation. Included in this program as its first course was a unique methods course in elementary education involving both preservice students and inservice teachers who cooperatively studied and applied reform pedagogy. The program resulted from the collaborative efforts of two institutions of higher education, a neighboring school district, the principal and teachers of one school within that district, and the state office of education. Evaluation of the first year of the program consisted of assessing the beliefs and perceptions of both preservice students and inservice teachers, along with an assessment of the mathematical achievement of the children within the classes of those teachers. Pre- and post-assessments of the preservice students and inservice teachers’ beliefs regarding reform pedagogy were administered using the IMAP [Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy] Web-Based Beliefs Survey (2006). Likert scale surveys were used to assess perceptions regarding course climate and participant relationships from both teacher groups. The mathematical achievement of children was assessed in three ways: The Wide Range Achievement Test-3 (Stone, Jastak, \& Wilkinson, 1995), the Utah state criterion-referenced assessment, and performance assessments developed specifically for use at the school. Data obtained from all sources indicated positive effects upon teachers and children, thus providing substantial evidence in support of both the value of the methods course itself and the overall professional development program. An additional evaluation will be conducted following the second year of the program. (ERIC)
Classification: B50
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