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Graphing portfolios in calculus: reinforcing concepts and inviting creativity. (English)
Math. Teach. (Reston) 98, No. 6, 404-407 (2005).
Summary: In this article, we introduce the idea of a graphing portfolio and describe its implementation in two levels of otherwise traditional university calculus courses. We believe that graphing portfolios facilitate learning because they require that students work backward from the traditional function to a graph sequence: To create a graphing portfolio, students must find functions whose graphs have specific shapes and domains. This process gives students the opportunity to investigate a variety of functions and transformations while incorporating their artistic and cultural strengths. The graphing portfolio is assigned after the class completes a unit on curve sketching as a way to apply concepts of calculus. We have found that this activity helps students gain a broader and deeper understanding of the connection between a function and its graph.
Classification: I24 I25 D44 D45
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