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Interweaving mathematics and indigenous cultures. (English)
Rogerson, Alan, MEC 21 - The Mathematics Education into the 21st Century Project. New ideas in mathematics education. ,. 17-21 (2001).
The authors are in the process of interweaving mathematical ideas and the cultural contributions of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas into what they teach. They are interested in how mathematics can be viewed culturally through the teaching of Indian Studies and Cross Cultural Education classes, how cultural components can be included in mathematics methods classes at the elementary level and in how specific examples of local cultures can be integrated into the teaching and learning of mathematics. Advancements in technology have made it possible for them to disseminate their ideas to preservice and inservice teachers through a Web resource called Math Central $<$http://MathCentral.uregina.ca/$>$ , the creation of an indigenous mathematics resource web-site $<$http://education.uregina.ca/arnasonk/$>$, and an online mathematics course together with in-house published textbooks. This paper provides a context for the authors’ work, describes a collaborative Transdisciplinary Project, and uses individual narratives to outline their explorations into the interweaving of mathematics and culture. (orig.)
Classification: A30
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