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The oldest person you’ve known. (English)
Math. Teach. Middle Sch. 20, No. 5, 278-285 (2014).
Summary: What better way to interest students in mathematics than using a Super Bowl commercial? A Prudential insurance commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2013 was the impetus for this lesson. In the commercial, four hundred people were polled on “How old is the oldest person you’ve known?" and each was given a sticker to place on a larger-than-life dot plot marking the age of the oldest person they knew. The authors re-created this activity for sixth-grade and seventh-grade students to engage them in collecting meaningful data, creating organized data displays, and analyzing and interpreting the data to draw generalizations. They also posed a series of questions about measures of central tendency, the shape of data, the interquartile range, absolute mean deviation, representativeness, predictions, and more. The activity was tested in the sixth-grade and seventh-grade classes taught by one of the authors. (ERIC)
Classification: K43 D83
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