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Ethics and law on the electronic Frontier. (English)
Inf. Educ. 3, No. 1, 91-104 (2004).
The new electronic relations have brought as much benefits as duties. The society uses more often computers in every day life than ever. Unfortunately, cyberspace bounds are huge and its regulation is very complicated. In many cases the users are responsible for his security. That is why Electronic Law knowledge is useful and important for the new society. The most powerful computer and net users are those who are educated in Computer Science. Various authorities in the field of Computer Science education are urging the necessity of topics on legal regulation of the electronic society. Several universities in Latvia starting from the 2002/2003 study year have implemented a new course on ’IT Industry Standards, Legislation, Labour Protection and Ergonomics’. The topic is extended considering the students being programmers, computer users and hired workers. The paper describes the demand for teaching the legal regulation of electronic processes to Computer Science students, gives an overview of the course preparation, teaching and findings received from the first year experience. (orig.)
Classification: P70 Q50
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