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Linear algebraic algorithms in the first textbook (1917) by Julio Rey Pastor. (Algoritmos algebraicos lineales en el primer libro de texto (1917) de Julio Rey Pastor.) (Spanish. English summary)
LLULL 35, No. 75, 13-36 (2012).
Summary: The goal of this article is to analyze the linear algebraic algorithms (linear algebra in that time) that are contained in the university textbook Elementos de Análisis Algebraico, written by Julio Rey Pastor during the middle years of the second decade of the 20th century. We will study the first edition (1917), since our subject remains unchanged in subsequent editions. This work considers the modernity of the book by means of a comparative analysis with two similar ones, by A. Capelli and L. Octavio de Toledo respectively.
Classification: A30 H65 U25
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