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Engaging students in authentic mathematics activities through calculators and small robots. (English)
Masalski, William J. et al., Technology-supported mathematics learning environments. Sixty-seventh yearbook. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), (ISBN 0-87353-569-3). 319-328 (2005).
Summary: Authentic use of instructional technology can lead to increased motivation and understanding in mathematics. The article describes the authors’ experiences with sixth-grade students, high school students, and preservice and inservice teachers as they used small, calculator-based robots. A remarkable discovery made in the course of these activities is that students at a variety of achievement levels are equally engaged. Indeed, it is often difficult to tell, from classroom observation, which students are advanced, which are remedial, or which have learning disabilities. The authors include information on the tools, how they were used in middle and high school classes, sample programs for the robot activities, and links to video clips of students and teachers engaged in the projects.
Classification: U53 D33 R23 B50
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