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Pre-service teachers as telementors: exploring the links between theory and practice. (English)
J. Inf. Technol. Teach. Educ. 11, No. 1, 7-22 (2002).
This article describes a case study in which pre-service teachers mentored students over the Internet as part of their teacher education program. The pre-service teachers used Knowledge Forum software to communicate with students engaged in collaborative on-line science investigations. Two reoccurring (and possibly related) problems were identified. First, the pre-service teachers had little previous experience facilitating student-led investigations, and often attempted to direct student research. Second, the messages they wrote sometimes closed down student threads. Despite these problems, interview data suggest that the pre-service teachers found the experience to be professionally valuable. Telementoring may offer schools of education a means of exposing new teachers to alternative instructional methodologies and forging tighter links between educational theory and educational practice.
Classification: B50
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