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The endless long-term program of mathematics teacher professional development in Indonesia. (English)
Kaur, Berinderjeet (ed.) et al., Professional development of mathematics teachers. An Asian perspective. Singapore: Springer (ISBN 978-981-10-2596-9/hbk; 978-981-10-2598-3/ebook). Mathematics Education ‒ An Asian Perspective, 33-45 (2017).
Summary: Like many developing countries, there are often competing demands for limited resources. In Indonesia, since 2005 there has been a concerted effort to improve the quality of education. As noted by the McKinsey’s report, no education system can exceed the quality of its teachers one focus of change has been on teacher development, both at the pre-service and in-service levels. This chapter traces the chronological developments that have led to the national certification of teaching and the role of some agencies that have been involved in professional development programs for mathematics teachers. This chapter also describes some aspects of professional development for mathematics teachers that have emerged since the implementation of some government policies. The chapter concludes with some thoughts about professional development programs of mathematics teachers in the future.
Classification: B50
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