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Teaching an educational research methods course to in-service science and mathematics teachers through authentic field experiences: a case study at the University of Zimbabwe. (English)
J. South. Afr. Assoc. Res. Math. Sci. Educ. 2, No. 1, 13-20 (1998).
A diploma in science education (in-service) certification is part of the training offered by the University of Zimbabwe for resource teacher-facilitators for an in-service support system for A Level science and mathematics teachers in Zimbabwe. For the research methods course, the students assignment required them to generate and use research based knowledge to design and install a support system that will operate in their regions. Through these activities the students learned notions such as formulation of a research problem, methodology, including data gathering, instrumentation development, data analysis, interpretation of results, and report writing that are typically encountered in research methods courses. This article describes and discusses the process and results of using this apprenticeship-oriented instructional approach within the framework of a diploma programme aimed at producing effective resource teacher-facilitators for the continuous professional development of their peers. (Abstract)
Classification: B19
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