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The algebrista package: a platform for tutorial systems with intelligent components in teaching algebra. (El algebrista: una plataforma para el desarrollo de sistema tutores con componente inteligente en elárea del álgebra.) (Spanish)
Educ. Mat. (Mex. City) 8, No. 2, 70-89 (1996).
This paper resumes objectives, procedures and some findings of a research program intended to answer the following questions: Is it possible to formalize knowledge teacher use in the action of mediating learning in algebra?, and, is it possible to use this formalism for developing computational systems to emulate those performances?, also, can we use these formalisms to better understand how we perform when mediating learning? This research had the objectives of developing tutorial systems with intelligent components, and to learn about effective ways to facilitate learning. The paper also shows the basic architecture of a “development platform” for the representation of the knowledge (rules) used by the observed human tutors. Research made evident both, the important limitations, and the potentiality of the computer technology, when simulating human performances. Main findings where about a new understanding of the nature and kind of knowledge used by teachers when mediating learning.
Classification: U50
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