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The influence of social-demographic determinants on secondary school children’s computer use, experience, beliefs and competence. (English)
Technol. Pedagog. Educ. 14, No. 1, 43-59 (2005).
This study examines the impact of socio-economic status and gender on computer ownership and the computer profile of 518 pupils in Dutch-speaking secondary education in Brussels (Belgium). Computer profile is introduced as a concept gauging computer experience, intensity of computer use and beliefs towards computers. Results indicate that socio-economic status affects computer ownership only moderately. The effect of socio-economic status on the computer profile variables is entirely mediated through the educational track: pupils in vocational education (on average from a lower socio-economic background) reported a more negative computer profile. The effect of gender on the computer profile was much more pronounced: girls reported less experience with computers, a lower degree of home and school use of computers, and less favourable beliefs towards computers in general. However, girls do not seem to differ from boys concerning study-related computer beliefs. (Abstract)
Classification: Q44
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