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Mathematics for engineering sciences with Mathematica. Vol. I. (Mathématiques pour les sciences de l’ingénieur avec Mathematica. Tome 1.) (French)
Toulouse: Cépaduès-Éditions (ISBN 978-2-36493-071-1/pbk). xii, 581~p. (2013).
This work contains applications in mathematics for engineering using the software Mathematica. The following subjects are treated in this book: numerical functions, integral calculus, sequences and series of numbers, sequences and series of functions, vector spaces, linear mappings and matrices, basis of a vector space, elements of geometry, numerical solving of equations, differential equations, multiple integrals, and curves. Some exercises are presented at the end of each chapter.
Reviewer: Cristinel Mortici (Târgovişte)
Classification: H65 I15 N15
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