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Power indices in politics and finance. (Indici di potere in politica e in finanza.) (Italian. English summary)
Boll. Docenti Mat. 72, 9-34 (2016).
Summary: The possibility of bargaining among EU members, or among political parties in a little municipality, the contractual value of thousandths of an apartment building, the weight of a block of shares of a company, the vote of the International Olympic Committee members can be described with the same mathematical models: the power indices. A feature common to the above is the possibility, for each “player”, to obtain certain majorities by a coalition with other players. The study of power indices allows the construction of efficient models for forecasting, simulation, optimization and regulations in several fields: political, economic, financial and so on. This paper summarizes some results obtained on the matter in the Universities of Bergamo and AGH in and give some ideas for further developments.
Classification: M30 M40 M70
Keywords: modeling; power indices
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